Movie Content Plus Entertainment THE MENU Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Movie Review

THE MENU Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Movie Review

THE MENU (2022) Ending Explained. We review, recap and explain the ending of The Menu which has now just released in theaters. We talk about the latest food based dark comedy movie, starring Anya Taylor Joy and Ralph Fiennes in a deliciously fun movie, and explain how the ending is a huge mirror being held up.

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Alright, so The Menu is now on HBO Max, serving us up one heck of delicable dark comedy course. But uhhh… Can I substitute the salad for some fries? Anyway in this video we’re going to talk about the ending of this movie, our reaction and review, along with what it’s saying about those snooty foodies out there.

So with that out of the way, thank you for clicking this video. Also hit that like button and subscribe as it helps us out. I’m your host Jared. Now let’s get into The Menu.

So essentially The Menu features this lavish, one of a kind restaurant, The Hawthorne located on a remote island, owned by celebrity chef Julian Slowik. Multiple courses, only the most elite can dine here, with it being $1,250 a head… But don’t worry, the tip is included in that price. We’re slowly introduced to the type of people that dine at such a high class establishment as one by one they arrive at the ferry and make their way to the island. A handful of tech bros, a washed up actor and his assistant, an older couple, food critic and the magazine editor who is working with her, and finally Tyler, basically a big Instagram foodie, you know the people constantly taking snapshots of their food, and Margot, his girlfriend.

On the island, they are guided about the grounds by Hong Chau’s Elsa, showing the guests that everything is grown, raised, specifically cultured, and handpicked from the island’s resources everyday, meaning the freshest of fresh ingredients in their multiple course meal. However, not only Elsa, but also Chef Slowik question Margot’s presence on the island and at Hawthorne. Almost a standoffish feeling, like she is unwelcome to dine in such class, even though she was invited as Tyler’s partner.

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