Movie Content Plus Video The MCU’s Most Cringeworthy Moments

The MCU’s Most Cringeworthy Moments

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been unbelievably successful at getting fans into seats for so long that multiple failed interconnected movie franchises have been created and died off while the MCU keeps chugging along at a brisk pace. But while fans might have fond memories of how the content juggernaut started with 2008’s relatively low-budget "Iron Man," the series hasn’t always satisfied fans with its creative choices. We’re not even talking about the poorly received sequels like "Thor: The Dark World," either. These are moments from some of your favorite MCU films. From poorly-considered jokes to character choices that enraged fans, these are the most cringeworthy MCU moments.

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"I want one." | 0:00
Locker room behavior | 1:43
Monsters | 3:13
Hulk Dab! | 4:26
Iron Man vs Burger King | 5:31
Bait and switch | 6:57
Star-Lord destroys the universe | 7:59
Jackson Pollock | 9:07
Pottymouth | 10:13

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