Movie Content Plus Video The Matrix Resurrections: 25 Things You Missed

The Matrix Resurrections: 25 Things You Missed


Well, we did it, we went back to where it all began. The purveyor of blue and red pills that determine which reality you live in now lives in a reality where things that have a beginning never really end. Lana Wachowski has submitted a return to the franchise she created with her sister and turned it into a commentary on the nature of endless franchises. Coming back are familiar faces as well as some new faces with familiar names all together diving even deeper down the rabbit hole. Back also are themes from the first series including the central concept of choice and free will. It brings with it a new round of questions about what reality is and whether it even matters if it’s a construct. There’s also a strong discussion on the nature of nostalgia mixed with a fair bit of critique on how we interact with ourselves and technology. It wouldn’t be a Matrix movie without a fair bit of philosophy and social critique. What else has made it in the movie that screams Matrix?

The movie makes several references back to itself as a way to contrast where we were when the Matrix first came out to where we are now. In 1999 the internet was a sparse space. Facebook was in its infancy when the last two chapters came out and smartphones were ones that came with the game Snake. How does that reshape the iconic franchise? Let’s dive in to the references and echoes from the original series to the new one. Let us know what you thought was the best call back or element that made you rethink the original in the comments and while you’re there be sure to hit the thumbs up and subscribe for the latest videos in your inbox.

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Up, up and away
1:39 – 555 0690 returns
2:14 – “Your men are already dead”
2:57 – Blue pills = steak.
3:33 – Hey Jude… Judas
4:27 – So do stories have endings or not?
5:09 – Deus Machina
5:51 – The Root of All Evil pt 1
6:23 – The Root of All Evil pt 2
6:50 – Donald Mustard
7:17 – MKULTRA
7:58 – John Wick
8:27 – The Maze
8:43 – Red Lasers vs Blue Lasers
9:19 – Heavy on mirrors, or ‘the looking glass’.
10:03 – Io, level one
10:45 – Io level two
11:17 – Io level three
12:06 – All the charm of an FBI interrogation
12:30 – Deja Vu the cat
13:00 – Mojo Risin’
13:43 – Raised by machines
14:16 The Noodle Shop
14:48 – Bugs as the window cleaner
14:15 – Rain, code, neo noir & Phillip K Dick

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Grant Kellett @Gtalkstoomuch
Edited by: Anjohl Tennan

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