Movie Content Plus Video The Making Of Disney Pixar Movies Today

The Making Of Disney Pixar Movies Today

With how fantastic the releases Soul and Luca were, we can’t help but be excited for Pixar’s upcoming films Turning Red and Lightyear! Unfortunately, we will have to be viewing Turning Red on Disney+ rather than its originally scheduled theatrical release. This lead us to wonder why exactly Disney has made this decision. Is it because theatrical ticket sales are low? Spider-Man: No Way Home would suggest otherwise! More than likely, it is due to the fantastic performance Encanto had after finishing it’s theatrical run with We Don’t Talk About Bruno becoming a chart-topping hit, even beating out Frozen’s Let It Go.

The last few years have been an interesting time for the movie industry, multiple film sets have had to adapt to the constantly changing protocols which made us wonder how Pixar has been making movies during these unprecedented few years.

From the pitch meetings to the fully animated product, in this video, we take a deep dive into Pixar as we analyze the studio Inside Out. How did Lightning McQueen’s animation involve ray tracing? How exactly does the studio animate a performance over an electric performance like Keanu Reeve’s Duke Kaboom in Toy Story 4? Can rats actually cook food? Well, I can answer that last one here, no they can’t- however, in, the video we look into how exactly the animators knew to design over 270 dishes for Ratatouille! So grab some popcorn and join us as we look into exactly how Pixar Movies are made today!


0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Working from home
2:31 – Inspiration is found within Infinity and Beyond
4:26 – The Soul of the city
6:44 – Struggles of animation
8:06 – The incredible acting
8:58 – Disney Plus

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