Movie Content Plus Entertainment THE LAST OF US JOEL Explained | Full History Breakdown

THE LAST OF US JOEL Explained | Full History Breakdown

THE LAST OF US JOEL Explained | Full History Breakdown. We breakdown the full history and explain the origins and story of Joel in The Last Of Us. From the very beginning of Episode 1 of the HBO Series to where his story ends in The Last of Us Part 2

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Alright so now that The Last of Us series has kicked off on HBO, it’s only fitting for us to dive in on the rugged, “closed off from the world” main character of Joel Miller. Episode 1 of the series gives us a brief introduction, but we’re going to fill in his backstory, what his future has in store, and why he’s a morally gray character we can’t help but love.

Obviously spoilers for the game and potential ones for the series, so if you don’t want to be infected with “Spore”-ers, then sneak off now.

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So episode 1 of the series does a pretty good job of establishing much of what we learn about Joel from the games, aside from a brief timeline change of 10 years. Joel was born and raised in Arlington Texas, growing up alongside his brother Tommy, with the two later moving to Austin Texas. Austin having a large live music scene, Joel found a passion for music, playing the guitar and once saying he even aspired to be a singer.

However some of his life plans were interrupted when he married an unnamed woman and together had their daughter Sarah. With the stress of young parenthood, Joel unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to attend college, and the same stresses caused him and his wife to separate. Surprisingly this no-name woman is never revealed, but instead Joel takes over as main caregiver for Sarah, being a single father for most of her life.

The two lived an average suburban life, with Joel working construction jobs. He even had dreams of starting his own construction business later on with various building plans and books scattered about his office. However, he had some difficulties balancing work and life, usually coming home later, and one time was overheard struggling to keep a contracting job. Despite life’s struggles, he always found time for Sarah, whether it be late night movie watching or attending her weekend Soccer games.

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