Movie Content Plus Video THE LAST OF US: Everything You Need to Know Before Watching the Show

THE LAST OF US: Everything You Need to Know Before Watching the Show

The Last of Us is an exceptional new TV series based on the game by Naughty Dog. It follows the story fo Joel and Ellie through a post-apocalyptic hellscape, fighting zombies infected by a cordyceps fungus. The games are an intricate story bout losing your humanity, and in this video we give you a primer of what you need to know before watching the new HBO series.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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It’s time to talk about The Last of Us. In case you didn’t know, people are really excited about this show because it’s an adoption of one of the best and most beloved video games of the last decade.

The game is praised for its masterfully crafted story and complex character. The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a parasitic fungus turned most of humanity into terryfyng mind-controled mutants.
This world is rich with lore, factions, and some truly incredible characters.

So here’s everything you need to know about The Last of Us, and why you should be excited about this show.

Alright so usually with these kinds of videos we do a full recap of the story, but we can’t do it with the Last of Us. That’s because the show is an adaptation of a video game, and we just don’t want to ruin this amazing story.

So instead we will tell you everything you need to know about The Last of Us without any major spoilers.

The game Last of Us came out in 2013
It’s received unanimous acclaim and is considered to be one of the greatest games ever made. It won all the awards. It sold millions of copies. It’s an amazing game with an incredible story.

The game was created by Neil Druckmann, and it was developed by Naughty Dog. The same studio that created games like Crash Bandicoot and the Uncharted series.

In 2014, the game received a DLC that was titled Left Behind. In case you have no idea what DLC means, it’s an expansion pack for the original game. The story of Left Behind takes place both before and during the events of the first game.

The first season of the Last of Us show is an adaptation of the first game and the Left Behind.

There’s also the American Dreams graphic novel that came out in 2013. It serves as a prologue for Left Behind.

In 2020 The Last of Us Part II came out. Unlike the first game, the sequel was very
divisive among fans. Some love it, some hate it. Most are somewhere in between. Like most things nowadays.

Despite some of the negative responses the game got, Part 2 is still a very successful game, receiving a lot of praise and winning many game awards. And it will be very interesting to see how Part II will be adapted for the show.

Speaking of, we have a video coming out about The Last of Us Part 2, that will explain some of the controversy surrounding the game, and our own feeling on the story. So stay tuned for that.

At this point, the Last of Us part 3 isn’t confirmed yet, but the game is very likely to happen, especially if the show is a major hit.

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