Movie Content Plus Video The Handmaid’s Tale: Things You Missed

The Handmaid’s Tale: Things You Missed

Inspired by the pivotal work by Margeret Atwood, Hulu blessed us with the first episode all the way back in 2017. And with the release of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 trailer, it will do us good to look back at the developing themes and easter eggs you may have missed in the previous 4 seasons. Why are they all wearing red? What changed from the book to the show? How far does Gilead go to inspire fear in its people? We discuss this and much more! The nitty gritty details behind the makeup and costumes from interviews from the showrunner himself discussing the tragic deaths that took place. Come with us through 25 things you missed in The Handmaid’s Tale!


0:00 Intro
0:48 Offred’s Real Name
1:26 Of Fred
1:51 Serena Joy
2:47 Ear Tags
3:29 Janine’s Loss
3:51 Commander’s Love
4:25 Moira
5:25 Emily
5:36 Framing a Story
6:06 Offred’s Narrative
6:46 Fred and Serena
7:27 Book vs Show
8:14 End of Season 2
8:40 Themes and Makeup
9:54 1985
10:20 The Color Red
10:36 The Color Teal
11:14 Fade to Green
11:39 Metaphors
12:16 Commander’s Beard
12:43 Death Follows
13:38 Behind the Camera
13:58 Memorization
14:28 Go Green
14:49 Female Directors

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Written by: Iyan William Campbell Socolove
Narrated by: Grant Kellett
Edited by: Umair Ghaffar

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