The Finale Of The Expanse Explained

The Rocinante seems to have flown its last mission on Prime Video’s "The Expanse." Over two networks, one massive fan campaign, and six seasons, the sci-fi series was consistently one of the smartest, most intriguing series on TV. So smart, in fact, that it was sometimes a bit difficult to tell where the series was going. Though "The Expanse" seems to have finally stopped expanding, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gone for good. Whether this is the final finale, or just the ending of season 6, we’re here to explain it regardless. This is the finale of "The Expanse" explained.

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The Alliance hatches a plan | 0:00
The Pella reveals itself | 1:31
Bobbie’s heroic stand | 2:56
A Martian message | 4:07
Naomi proposes a Hail Mary | 5:23
Deciding on a way forward | 6:31
Holden makes a bold move | 7:33
A last-minute revelation | 8:27

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