Movie Content Plus Video The Entire Walking Dead Timeline Finally Explained

The Entire Walking Dead Timeline Finally Explained

Thirteen years into the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead has a complicated mythos and a twisted chronology even before you add in spin-offs like Fear the Walking Dead and Walking Dead: World Beyond. Looking to piece it all together? Here’s all you need to know.

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The outbreak | 0:00
Immediate fallout | 1:10
Zom-pocalypse year one | 2:18
The road to Terminus | 3:21
Where’s home | 4:38
The Saviors | 6:02
Sacrifice | 7:03
The Walking Dead: World Beyond | 7:55
Six years later | 8:59
The Whisperers | 10:03
The Commonwealth | 11:02
The Reapers | 12:10
The nuclear option | 13:33
Trouble in the Commonwealth | 14:54
Going global | 16:12

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