Movie Content Plus Video The Entire One Piece Timeline Explained

The Entire One Piece Timeline Explained

From getting his trademark straw hat to fighting the Four Emperors of the Sea, Luffy’s come a long way on his journey to become the Pirate King. Here’s a refresher on the centuries-spanning timeline of "One Piece."

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The world | 0:00
Ancient history | 0:44
The Great Age of Pirates | 2:26
The East Blue Saga | 4:01
The Arabasta Saga | 5:23
The Sky Island Saga | 6:56
The Water 7 Saga | 7:54
The Thriller Bark Saga | 9:19
The Summit War Saga | 10:09
The Fish-Man Island Saga | 11:34
The Dressrosa Saga | 12:26
The Whole Cake Island Saga | 13:23
The Wano Country Saga | 14:39

Voiceover By: Jesse Connell

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