Movie Content Plus Video The Ending Of Thor: Love And Thunder Explained

The Ending Of Thor: Love And Thunder Explained

It’s Thor vs. Gorr with a side of screaming goats in the 29th MCU movie "Thor: Love and Thunder" – but how does Jane Foster play into it? How is Mjolnir back in the picture? And what’s up with the man in the mid-credits scene? This is everything you need to know about the hard-rockin’ end of "Thor: Love and Thunder."

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Gorr vs. the gods | 0:00
Thor: Gullible God | 2:03
Zeus guesses Gorr’s plan | 3:26
The Key to Eternity | 4:51
Jane’s condition | 6:09
A double-edged… hammer | 7:31
Thor shares his powers | 9:09
Jane joins Thor | 10:06
Love and selflessness | 11:22
Love and thunder | 12:48
A vengeful Zeus, and Hercules | 13:45
Heimdall welcomes Jane into Valhalla | 14:57

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