The Ending Of The Witcher Season 2 Explained

"The Witcher" is back in action on Netflix in season 2, widening the on-screen world of Andrzej Sapkowski’s legendary fantasy series.

After a first season set up the world of "The Witcher," season 2 continues its characters’ journeys, as they grow closer to each other and meet strange new threats. Ciri continues learning about her lineage and powers, Yennefer grows to become less selfish, and Geralt learns some hard lessons about serving as a father figure. Oh, and also, a witchy woman with a walking house royally wrecks a group of witchers.

If you were too busy basking in the spectacle to clock all of the plot, don’t worry — this is the ending of "The Witcher" season 2 explained.

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The Daughter of Chaos | 0:00
The White Flame | 1:35
The blood of elves | 2:41
What’s lost is is not always lost | 3:38
The Deathless Mother | 5:06
Monsters and monoliths | 6:33
The Wild Hunt | 7:47
Blood Origin | 9:01

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