Movie Content Plus Video The Ending Of The Pale Blue Eye Explained

The Ending Of The Pale Blue Eye Explained

Moody, gloomy, and chillier than the Hudson river in wintertime, Netflix’s clever new detective thriller, The Pale Blue Eye, builds to a stunning and emotional twist.

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The real killer | 0:00
The Marquis family | 1:03
Lenore and the pale blue eye | 1:56
Ballinger’s foolish move | 2:59
Why does Landor choose Poe? | 3:38
Icehouse ablaze | 4:30
Poe’s history with Fry | 5:11
Henri Le Clerc and immortality | 6:10
Down through the ages | 6:58
Poe’s decision | 8:07
Does Landor jump? | 9:09

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