The Ending Of The Craft Explained

Audiences everywhere were spellbound when “The Craft” landed in theaters in 1996. The story follows four girls —Sarah, Nancy, Rochelle, and Bonnie — who navigate life as witches. But as they join forces, they find that the conflicts between them are too much to handle. Gradually, their bond falls apart as Nancy’s powers grow out of hand.

In the end, things don’t work out so well for Nancy, Rochelle, or Bonnie, as Sarah steps into her power. If you’ve seen the film, you understand what leads to this conclusion. But perhaps there’s more to it than you thought. This is the ending of “The Craft” explained.

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A scary start | 00:00
Sarah’s introduction to magic | 01:43
Sarah joins the circle | 03:37
Establishing the coven | 04:34
The Invocation of the Spirit | 06:06
The coven’s downward spiral | 07:32
Damage control | 08:29
Showdown at Sarah’s house | 09:40
Is Sarah the real villain? | 11:00
The tragedy of Nancy Downs | 12:00
Girl power or toxic friendships? | 13:35

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