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The Ending Of The Batman Explained

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At three hours long, "The Batman" is nearly an entire Batman trilogy in one film. There’s multiple villains, multiple heroes, and Gotham City itself goes through multiple transformations over the course of the movie’s runtime. By the time the credits have started rolling, director and co-writer Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson have undeniably created a new Batman for a new audience. Not to mention, they’ve left plenty of loose threads for possible sequels to follow up on. Wondering how this zoo of bats, cats, penguins, and "rats with wings" ends up by the final scene? This is the ending of "The Batman" explained.

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A war on corruption | 0:00
Selina joins the investigation | 1:38
The Wayne legacy | 2:48
Who is "el rata alada"? | 4:33
The Riddler’s past | 5:38
The sea will cleanse Gotham | 7:03
The Riddler makes a new friend | 8:21
A symbol of hope | 9:34
Goodbye Selina | 10:38

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