The Ending Of Picard Season 2 Explained

Season 2 of "Picard" took viewers past the final frontier and toward a bold new generation of characters and concepts within the "Star Trek" universe. With the season finale, "Farewell," finally released, there’s even more to dig into to see how loose ends are wrapped up and minor bits of confusion cleared up. If you’re looking for someone to give you the rundown of what happened, we can make it so. From a long-awaited cameo that few saw coming to the explanation for why this whole season’s plot turned out the way it did, this is the ending of "Picard" season 2 explained.

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A tale of two Renées | 0:00
Soong’s final gambit | 1:36
A traveler arrives | 2:53
Picard’s skeleton key | 4:21
Q’s final trial | 5:16
Rios leaves, Elnor returns | 6:39
The Borg plot revealed | 7:53
The Europa Mission | 9:04
Picard finds love | 9:40

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