Movie Content Plus Video The Ending Of M3GAN Explained

The Ending Of M3GAN Explained

"Man vs. Machine" is one of the six types of narrative conflict, but we’ve never seen a machine quite like M3GAN before. Can the human protagonists overcome this ruthless robot?

Warning: spoilers for "M3GAN" ahead.

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The problems with M3GAN | 0:00
Covering her tracks | 1:48
Failure to launch | 2:48
Things get Funki | 3:43
Gaslighting the thief | 4:47
Not-so-secret fight | 5:45
Laws of robotics | 6:46
His name is Bruce | 7:41
M3GAN’s new primary user | 8:47
How M3GAN is defeated | 9:44
Is she really gone? | 10:39

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