The Ending Of Hellbound Explained

Dystopian South Korean dramas are all the rage, with Netflix’s "Squid Game" shattering streaming records and now "Hellbound" coming in hot to rave reviews. In what very well might be the streaming giant’s next big smash hit, supernatural apparitions appear and tell ordinary people that they have been marked for death and will be taken to Hell at a certain date and time. When the time arrives, a team of demons emerge and do the job. Sounds terrifying enough, but then there are the humans trying to use fear of those demons to control others. Curious about the horror-drama’s twists and turns? This is the end of "Hellbound," explained.

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Going to Hell | 0:00
A "sinner" is born | 1:40
The final showdown | 3:14
God’s plan and false prophets | 4:43
Where the story could go | 6:17

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