Movie Content Plus Video The End Of Shazam! 2 Explained

The End Of Shazam! 2 Explained

This superhero sequel has more cameos than you can shake a magic staff at, and a possible future for Shazam in James Gunn’s DCU. This is the ending of "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" explained.

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Birth of monsters | 0:00
A god-like betrayal | 1:24
The chosen one | 2:21
King of the beasts | 3:17
Beginning of the end | 4:14
Famous last words | 5:30
Billy’s sacrifice | 6:27
The power of a demi-god | 7:15
Family reformed | 8:09
A new recruit | 9:01
Old foes return | 9:46
What’s next for Shazam? | 10:57

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