Movie Content Plus Video The End Of Peacemaker Episode 4 Explained

The End Of Peacemaker Episode 4 Explained

HBO Max’s "Peacemaker," the sequel-in-series-form to James Gunn’s "The Suicide Squad," has been a raunchy and violent romp thus far, and Episode 4 keeps that momentum going. The first three episodes already offered well over double the amount of screen time the character received in "The Suicide Squad," which is sure to make John Cena fans happy. Episode 4 features some of the biggest reveals in the series so far, with more insight into Peacemaker’s origin story, interesting directions for White Dragon and Vigilante, the shocking exposure of [redacted] as a butterfly, and so much more. Here’s the ending of "Peacemaker" Episode 4, explained.

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Peacemaker is haunted by his past | 0:00
Leota discovers something | 1:17
White Dragon | 2:36
Murn is a butterfly?!? | 3:38
If it walks like a duck | 4:55

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