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The Crown: Show vs Real Life


The Crown returns for its fifth season. The latest entry in the royal netflix series brings us all the way to the mid 90’s. There’s brand new cast members with Imelda Staunton taking on the role of the aging monarch. She is joined by Johnathan Pryce as Prince Phillip and Elizabeth Debecki as Princess Dianna. Season 5 brings more historical moments with Charles and Diana’s divorce, The Windsor castle fire, and the decommission of the royal yacht Brittania. But how accurate is this? Does the show take more than a few historical liberties, or does it stick mostly to the facts. Join Chris Goodmakers as he breaks down the latest season and how it compares to what actually happened. There’s events and conversations that stay close to the truth, and others that are wild fantasy..

Plus find out all about the grim final days of the Romanov family and how the mystery was solved decades later with a bit of royal blood. Does this season do Queen Elizabeth justice or does it spin fantasy about her husband’s relationship to his godson’s wife. Plus we even go back to the first season for some surprising facts about who did and didn’t actually exist, and how they did Winston Churchill dirty. Find out which is which as Screen Rant’s resident 90’s expert talks about The Crown: Real life VS The Show

Beware spoilers for Season 5 of the crown, and real life history i guess!

0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Abdication
1:11 – Tell All
2:11 – The Windsor Fire
3:24 – HMY Britannia
5:43 – Hong Kong 97
6:33 – Winston
7:13 – Venita Scott
8:24 – Phillip and Penny
9:10 – Panorama Interview
9:59 – Diana
11:36 – The Sunday Times Poll
12:51 – The Romanovs

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