Movie Content Plus Video The Crown Season 5: 20 Things You Missed

The Crown Season 5: 20 Things You Missed


We’ve been enraptured now by two different series of the fictional land of Westeros and the particularly bloody game that erupts around the question of who gets to sit in the Iron Throne. While the stories of dragons and betrayals and magic women who look young but are really old but also really magical have been outlandish, the Netflix series The Crown that follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II proves that real life royalty can get up to all kinds of trouble with nary a dragon in sight. The fifth season has brought us to what many might consider the main event when it comes to Queen Elizabeth’s considerable time on the throne. That would be the tumultuous relationship between her eldest son and heir to the throne Prince Charles and his tragic marriage to Princess. Due to the ever repeating mistake of not letting the royals marry the people they are in love with, Charles and Diana’s marriage was doomed from the start as Charles never wanted it, he wanted to marry Camilla. 1991 to 1996 contained such notable events as Squigygate, Tampongate, revenge dresses, “there were three people in this marriage”, a qualified response to ‘have you been faithful’…and that’s just one of her children. Andrew also divorced Fergie after she appeared in a photo spread with not Andrew, Princess Anne had her own affair because she also couldn’t marry who she wanted.

Also, her palace burned down.

It might have been the worst period of the life of a woman who lived through the bombing of her country in World War II. What’s your favorite detail from Season 5 of The Crown. Let us know in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe for the latest to your inbox.

0:00 – Intro
0:31 – New Faces
1:18 – Westeros
2:14 – Staunton
2:44 – Queen’s Dresser
3:11 – Father and Son
3:54 – “You’re an Actor”
4:47 – Camila’s Approval
5:23 – Prince Harry
6:19 – Revenge Dress
7:23 – Jemima Khan
8:10 – Disclaimer
8:51 – Held Back
9:55 – Marriages
10:46 – Gunpowder
11:25 – Swan Lake
12:11 – Locations
12:51 – Dodi’s Estate
13:30 – Mercedes
13:55 – Souvenirs
14:26 – Claire Foy

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