Movie Content Plus Video The Complete Transformers Timeline Explained

The Complete Transformers Timeline Explained

Micheal Bay’s Transformers series is entering its 7th installment with Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Yes the Maximals and the Predicons have entered the series and confused an already convoluted timeline. How convoluted? Well to figure that out resident cybertron expert Chris Goodmakers has worked his way through the entire franchise and broken down every historical moment mentioned in the 6 main films. Yes Transformers have changed the very course of human history from Arthurian legend right up to World War 2 and even the Moon Landing!

From before time and the birth of the planet earth, all the way up to 2017 and a texan inventor improbably named Cade Yeager. There is a lot going on in the history of the transforming robots and how it intersects with our own. There’s even stuff that blatantly contradicts other stuff! Join Chris Goodmakers and Screen Rant as they wade through all the fantastical history and secret robots that have influenced humanity. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and check out screen rant for all the best easter eggs, breakdowns, and explanations of the biggest films and shows.



0:00 – Intro
0:18 – The Dawn Of Time
1:53 – The Earth is a secret Robot!
2:35 – The Stone and Bronze Age
3:57 – The Rise Of Optimus Prime
6:03 – King Arthur
6:50 – Archibald Witwiki
7:20- The First Seven
8:05- World War 2
8:28 – To The Moon
9:41 – Secrets and Lies
10:18 – Bumblebee
10:47 – The First Movie (finally)
11:58 – Revenge of the Fallen
13:28 – The Dark of the Moon
14:36 – Marky Mark
15:42 – The Last Bay

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