Movie Content Plus Entertainment THE BOYS Season 3 Explained | How Black Noir WILL Return In Season 4

THE BOYS Season 3 Explained | How Black Noir WILL Return In Season 4

THE BOYS Season 3 Explained | How Black Noir WILL Return In Season 4. We breakdown all our theories as to how we believe Black Noir will return in the next season of The Boys, comparing the storyline of the comic and the significance of the character, the way Eric Kripke has teased the character’s return, will it be the same man behind the mask or will it be someone else, plus lots more.

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0:00 How Will Black Noir Return In Season 4
0:46 Is Black Noir Still Alive, How He Could Return & Comic Comparisons
7:17 Competition and Outro

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and with the boys at an end I thought I’d look at one of the biggest comments I see popping up on my videos.

That is that Black Noir isn’t dead.

If you know the comics then you’ll know he plays a big part in the end of Homelander’s story so to have him go out here feels like a misdirect.

Showrunner Erik Kripke also teased that it might not be the last we see of him in an interview with entertainment weekly.

Throughout this video we’re gonna be exploring whether he’s still alive, how he could come back and also the main thing that happens to him in the source material.

If you enjoy the video we’d massively appreciate the thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe for videos like this everyday. With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into whether Black Noir is dead or not.

Now Episode 8 apparently features his demise with Noir being murdered by Homelander. This all comes after Noir clearly shows that he knew Soldier Boy was his father and that he now wants to kill him. Throughout the entire series Homelander has wanted nothing more than a mother and father in his life and he even ended up drinking Madelyn Stillwell’s breast milk after getting jealous over her son.

breast milk, you made my daaaaay

Therefore this idea by Noir simply won’t fly and even though they’ve been besties since the first day they met, Homelander chooses the potential relationship with his father over the one that he could have with his friend.

Now in the comics it was revealed that Noir was a clone of Homelander and that he’d been gaslighting the character throughout the entire run. Noir would dress up as him, go and kill some people, photograph it and then send it to Homelander.

He’d receive these images, see someone that looked like him with his power set but rather than being horrified this enabled him.

He never got in trouble for this and slowly it made him think that he could do whatever he wanted. This led to him creating a Superhero uprising and after he stormed the White House Noir was given permission to take him down.

Throughout his life Noir had been told that he only had one purpose which was to take out Homelander incase he went rogue. So him sitting around and not being able to do this is what pushed him to set things up so that he’d finally be granted permission to kill him once and for all.

Now the show set up early on that Homelander had X-ray vision which kinda negated the clone thing as he’d be instantly aware of who Noir was when he looked under his mask. What he saw was the deformed and damaged sympathetic figure that we ourselves learned about in Season 3.

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