THE BOYS Ep7: BREAKDOWN + Every EASTER EGG, and Ending Explained

The Boys episode 7 finally gives us the origin story of Black Noir, and even though it’s an animated play (with wires and strings!), it is hard to watch. The episode features two characters confronting visions of their past, with the origin of Billy Butcher also being revealed. We break down all of the easter Eggs and hidden symbolism in the show, and lay out predictions for how it’s all going to end.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Randolf Nombrado

#TheBoys #eastereggs

The title of this episode is Here comes a candle to light you to bed. This is from an English nursery rhyme kind of like London bridges, which is basically about kids dividing into 2 teams and facing each other. And this is what’s happening to everyone in this show. The boys are divided–but so is america. As everyone is picking sides between homelander and starlight.

This episode begins with Homelander peddling lies on the news, and it ends with him being told a pretty harsh truth [I am your father]. And that truth resonates throughout the episode, with various men reckoning with fatherhood and PTSD. Let’s dive in.

Like I predicted last week, Vought is trying to frame Annie’s whistleblowing as her being a woman scorned, and they;re insinuating that she is a human trafficker. This is an attack line often used by the extreme right, like when the internet exploded with the new of Hilalry’s Clinton’s secret dungeon field with kids, under a pizza parlor.

Then we cut to Soldier Boy singing Jimmy Soul’s “If you want to be happy.” This song is an absolute bop, that I only just realized contains the lyrics, “if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, get an ugly woman to be your wife.” The logic being that a beautiful woman will just run around on you.

If we apply the song to this show, it’s about a soldier boy and annie. Vought left soldier boy for Honelander, and Annie is the pretty wife that turned on Vought.

I am loving these horrible Soldier boy talking covers, like he’s william shatner without the charm [rocket….man]

Then we’re back in the Legend’s apartment, where we see this 80s-era Payback poster. There are also several bows above this flag. I’m wondering if they belonged to some version of the Eagle archer, because he was a member of Payback in the comics.

Then The Legend reveals a well-kept Vought secret about soldier boys’ war service [he wasn’t there, 2 weeks later]. This is again a play on Captain America, who was primarily a propaganda tool who saw no action in his early career.

But the Legend does mention a few darker chapters of America’s history where Soldier Boy was helping affirm the establishment [Birmingham, Kent state]. Birmingham refers to police brutalizing protesters at the bus protests, and the National Guard massacre at Kent state. And he says [rumors of daley plaza]. This is when Chicago police attacked protesters at the democratic convention in 1968. And speaking of Chicago, he makes love to Chicago’s. I can’t fight this feeling anymore.

Then the Legend spits some facts [america, myth, etc]. Which is hard to argue with. Even while Americans are doing great things, like winning World War 2, we were enforced by brutal Jim Crow laws in the South. But, when we get around to making world war 2 superhero movies like First avenger, every race is treated equally, no questions asked.

The Legend says his bed has seen two Jaclyns [smith and bissett]. These were the stars of Charlie’s angels and Bullit, respectively.

They’re going after Mindstorm, who was Mind Droid in the comics. IN the books, he was a parody of the Vision, because he led everyone to believe he was a robot.

I am loving how the show keeps weaving in Soldier Boy’s outdated references, like how he calls marijuana “reefer.”

We go over to Marvel who could definitely die this season, and she’s being kept in a cell similar to Starlights in season 2 [207]. He tells her [kids could have been perfect]. Basically confirming that he’s a nazi…he just doens;t like to tsay the word nazi. Like stormfront said [people believe…don’t like word nazi].

Over at MOM’s place, we see that he has photos of [prominent black leaders including a Vote Huey Newton sign–and Huey Newton was the founder of the black panther party. Here we see Newton posing in a round wicker chair, just like the one MM has in his apartment. And, like the one that was oddly used in a lot of album covers in the 70s and 80s.

And then we went to Black Noir. a couple episodes ago I took a big guess on his true identity, and you know what [obi wan, I was wrong]. This is the same supe we saw in Nicaragua with the tree nut allergy. Sorry for wasting your time.

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