The Boys: 10 Supes From The Comics We Haven’t Seen (Yet)

What’s the matter, not enough people running their fists through people’s chests? Do you need more? Well, wish granted, because with the Boys series continuing on, the violence and overall absurdity will certainly continue. We’ve come to know people like Homelander, Billy Butcher, and Stormfront for their body counts and violent natures, but we’ve seen the old, how about the new? The Boys comics series has several characters who have not been introduced into the show yet, and these characters bring their own zany flare to the way they like to kill people. Just who are these supes who have yet to grace us with their presence on the small screen? Let’s take a deep dive, right now.

Mister Marathon is a branding dream, and he was actually the speedster of the Seven long before A Train came around. He’s been mentioned a few times in the show. Ashley told A Train prior to his removal from the team that he lasted four years longer than Mr. Marathon, and Lamplighter recollects some memories of working with him, but outside of that there’s been no confirmation that he’s still around. We need more teams in the Boys. So far it’s the Seven, the Boys, and some hints towards others but they never actually appear. The World of the Boys is full of so many more hero teams than just the one working for Vought, and I think it’s time some get introduced. Which supes from the comics do you hope make an appearance in future episodes and seasons, and how long do you really think they’ll last? Just look at Supersonic. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment your answer, otherwise an unfortunate mishap with a hamster may befall you. Trust me you don’t want that.


0:00 Intro
0:40 Jack from Jupiter
1:52 Mister Marathon
3:00 Blarney Cock
4:04 Tek Knight
5:07 Whack Job
6:15 The G-Men
7:23 Critter
8:22 Ground Hawk
9:26 Oh Father
10:37 Team Titanic
11:42 Outro

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