The Boys: 10 Comic Storylines We Could See In Season 4

With the rather explosive finale, giving us a gruesome glimpse into what the future of a young Supe under the tutelage of a charismatic, sociopathic-powered father might bring, we are left with a couple loose ends to be answered.

For instance, the man with so little left to lose, who just lost a little more. Billy receiving a terminal diagnosis, definitely raises the stakes. Peaceful acceptance isn’t Butcher’s style…Truth be told, this prognosis might unhinge him even more, as drastic times call for drastic measures. If he decides to take the more brutal road less traveled, comic readers would find themselves with a very familiar show variant, quite reminiscent of his comic counterpart.

And then there’s the rest of the gang. Their faith in Butcher dwindling, as they become more, and more reluctant to allow him his usual dictatorship-like control. This might ultimately rub Billy B. the wrong way, leading the group into outright, serious confrontation. A black eye, or a broken nose could be the least of their problems.

And what about Congresswoman Victoria? Her quickly advancing political career, thanks to “mysteriously” disappearing rivals, puts the presidency within her grasp. With a few season three ending comments regarding her new position of power, readers of the comics know the White House to be the setting of a very grisly climactic day. Is the Red House where we’re headed?

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the diabolical source material that just might be making its way into the next season! Make sure to leave a like and a subscribe for Wee Hughie! He is surely going to need it. And also, let us know if there are any storylines not mentioned you’d like to see in the show. I can think of a few moments Youtube might want to remove from the comment section…

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4:37 Ground Hawk
5:57 Love Sausage and Pizza
6:52 Terror the Dog
7:53 Vigilante to Villain
8:42 Friends Close, Enemies closer?
9:36 Part of the Plan
10:17 A Side of Fava Beans

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