The Biggest Unanswered Questions In The Predator Movies

The Predator franchise is one of the most enduring action/sci-fi hybrids in movie history, but even with 6 movies in the can, as well as a bunch of books and comics, there are still some loose ends that have not been fully explored. Many of these narrative threads were started in the mainline movie series, but others were initiated in the Alien Vs. Predator movies. Of course, any franchise that runs adjacent to a fully formed cinematic universe like Alien will naturally open itself up to questions about unresolved issues. We’ll do our best to tie things up! These are the biggest unanswered questions in the Predator movies.

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Dutch after Predator | 0:00
Why do the Predators flay? | 1:16
Predators & heat | 2:20
The Yautja clan in Predator 2 | 3:16
Who was Raphael Adolini? | 4:02
Lex Woods’ fate after AvP | 4:44
Where is the Alien Queen? | 5:32
Yutani & the Predator weapon | 6:35
Isabelle and Royce’s fate | 7:47
The Fugitive Predator’s gift | 9:02

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