The Biggest Unanswered Questions In Peacemaker

It’s fair to say that HBO’s "Peacemaker" isn’t too focused on the nitty-gritty of comic book (or comic book movie) lore.

Watching "Peacemaker," it’s clear the show is way more interested in profane back-and-forths, unexpected romantic chemistry, and gratuitous violence than it is the question of "could Peacemaker beat Batman."

But "Peacemaker" is still a series based on DC Comics, and it has a place in the DC Extended Universe, from its connections to "The Suicide Squad" to… well, the people who show up in the season 1 finale.

Even the most irreverent show has some loose ends. Like, is Bat-Mite canon? Will Harcourt take over Task Force X? And what’s the deal with Howard the Duck? These are the biggest unanswered questions in "Peacemaker."

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What fake news does Peacemaker believe? | 0:00
Why was Leota infiltrating Project Butterfly? | 1:26
Is Bat-Mite canon? | 2:28
Will there be another White Dragon? | 3:19
Best friends? | 3:49
Who’s the Batman of Peacemaker’s universe? | 4:59
Does Peacemaker have a child? | 6:11
Could Peacemaker and Vigilante become a couple? | 7:07
Could Peacemaker rejoin the Suicide Squad? | 8:10
Is Batman in the Justice League? | 9:03
Will Harcourt take over Task Force X? | 9:48

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