The Biggest Movie Jerks Of All-Time

Charming main characters can go a long way, but nothing can get you invested in a movie like a good villain.

"Back to the Future" is a solid time-travel story, but a villain like Biff Tannen gives it some real human stakes. The "Harry Potter" movies are an escapist fantasy, until jerks like Draco Malfoy and Dolores Umbridge bring you back down to Earth. Even a series like "Toy Story" can get your blood pumping with some twisted villains like Sid, or the third movie’s Lotso.

Of course, a jerk in a movie isn’t always the antagonist. Sometimes, it’s the main character. No matter what side of the equation they’re on, these are the biggest movie jerks of all time.

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Biff Tannen – "Back to the Future" | 0:00
Draco Malfoy – "Harry Potter" | 1:08
Sid – "Toy Story" | 1:56
Dennis Nedry – "Jurassic Park" | 2:51
Bill Lumbergh – "Office Space" | 3:33
Ferris Bueller – "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" | 4:25
Iceman – "Top Gun" | 5:13
Kevin McCallister – "Home Alone" | 5:53
Veruca Salt – "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" | 6:41
Walter Peck – "Ghostbusters" | 7:20
Lotso – "Toy Story 3" | 8:07
The Grinch – "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" | 8:57
Shooter McGavin – "Happy Gilmore" | 9:58
Jim – "Edward Scissorhands" | 10:40
Dolores Umbridge – "Harry Potter" | 11:22
Chet – "Weird Science" | 12:09
Mrs. Carmody – "The Mist" | 12:59

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