The Biggest Missed Opportunities In The MCU

The MCU’s done a great job of juggling its source material while also making movies that you can enjoy without having an encyclopedic knowledge of comics. But, even then there’s still a lot of missed opportunities that I just can’t let go, so here’s the absolute worst ones.
There’s still a lot of other things that I feel like could’ve worked like the Eternal’s bringing up the X-Gene or Having Tony interact with Shuri or Cap seeing Doctor Strange do actual magic… I mean I guess he saw Loki do some but it just doesn’t hit the same. Still waiting on my Doctor Doom solo movie though Marvel, still waiting. I know there’s a universe out there that has it, all I need to do is some timeline hopping and I’ll find it. Still would prefer the lazy way and just have y’all make it but you know, traversing the multiverse is always an option.
Also don’t forget to let us know what your personal biggest missed opportunity is? And if you are one of the five people who watched Inhumans and liked it, please make sure you let everyone know because I’m sure they’re dying to hear it.
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0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Black Widow
1:31 – The Illuminati
2:52 – Hulk
4:13 – Bruce and Natasha’s relationship
5:08 – Cap and Peter’s Relationship
6:10 – Secret Avengers
6:58 – Sokovia Accords
8:10 – X-men Vs Avengers
9:19 – Spoilers

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