The Biggest Differences Between Thanos In The Comics And The MCU

Becoming a pirate? Battling low self-esteem? Losing to a skateboarder with a handful of grass? Thanos is one of the most fearsome villains the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever seen, but you won’t believe how different he is in the comics.

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What’s in a name? | 0:00
Comics Thanos wasn’t always cool | 1:08
Shifting motivations | 2:11
Comics Thanos isn’t always evil | 3:20
Comics Thanos has more children | 4:29
Comics Thanos loses a lot | 5:41
Thanos vs. The Hulk | 6:47
Thanos vs. Drax | 7:51
Where is Titan? | 9:00
Comics Thanos destroyed Titan | 9:56
Comics Thanos isn’t exactly confident | 11:09

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