The Best BATMAN Movie NEVER Made: Live Action BATMAN BEYOND Explained

Batman: we love him. He’s maybe the greatest superhero of all time, but we’ve seen him on the big screen in 10 movies. Maybe it’s time for something different. A live-action adaptation of the stellar animated series, Batman Beyond. This movie would follow an elderly Bruce Wayne in a futuristic, cyberpunk Gotham City, passing on the mantle of the bat to his protege, Terry McGinnis. In this video, we breakdown how to bring Batman Beyond to the big screen, for a new generation of fans.
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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

0:00 Batman Beyond Explained
2:53 A Different Kind of Batman: Cyberpunk
5:34 Who Should PLay Old Bruce?
6:44 Why Batman Retired: Jason’s Death
8:01 Red Hood Returns
9:43 Terry Becomes His Own Batman
13:02 Original Villains

Imagine this – Batman in a futuristic dystopian world like in Blade Runner. Batman and cyberpunk, that’s awesome right, wouldn’t it be great to have a movie like that?

Well, this is something we got, over 20 years ago, in the beloved Batman Beyond animated show.
As excited I am for all the Batman we are getting this year, I got to ask, how about a Batman Beyond movie?

In anticipation of The Batman, a fresh take that is shaping up as something truly special, I want to present to you a completely drastic and new take on Batman. That’s what Batman Beyond was 20 years ago, and now, Now! Is the time to finally bring Batman Beyond to the big screen.
So consider this video as my pitch for a Batman Beyond movie – for you and Warner Brothers, in case some executive is watching.
I have the perfect idea for a Batman Beyond movie, and actually, I might have even figured out the sequel as well.

Ok, let’s first briefly talk about the Batman Beyond animated show, and why it’s so special.
Batman Beyond first aired in 1999, and it served as a direct continuation to the amazing Batman animated series. We are introduced to a much older Batman, now having to rely on a futuristic Iron Man-like suit.

But the dark tone takes any glamor or of it, for good reason. Batman is old and tired, and alone. All of his allies are either retired or killed. And decades after becoming Batman, he was still fighting crime, as if all of those years amounted to nothing. Gotham is the same crime-infested cesspool it always has been.

Batman hits rock bottom, having a heart attack, forced to use a gun to save his own life, almost taking another’s in the process.

Bruce almost crossed the line, so Batman must end.

It’s a depressing way to start a kid’s show. But that’s the magic of these 90’s Batman shows, they were so much more than cartoons. These were sophisticated, challenging children and adults alike, with complex and nuanced stories. And Batman Beyond was at times darker than its predecessor, exploring Batman with cyberpunk themes.

20 years later, the year is 2039 and Gotham became a dystopian cyberpunk city. Bruce Wayne is in his 70’s, living like a grumpy old hermit. It’s the tragedy of being Batman.
We are introduced to Terry McGinnis, a rebellious teen who’s seeking vengeance for his father’s murder.

After Terry discovers that Bruce is Batman, he steals the suit. While reluctant at first, Bruce understands that Gotham needs its hero, and thus the torch is passed, and Terry becomes the new Batman, with Bruce being his mentor.

Batman Beyond is a story about legacy. The idea that the Batman mental is everlasting, and it cannot die with one man. But it’s also a coming-of-age story.

But I’m deliberately not diving too much into the show, because I want to focus on the movie version. But suffice it to say that Batman Beyond is amazing. And If you are looking for a good Batman story right now, trust me, watch Batman Beyond, you will not be disappointed.

Now the question is – why do a Batman Beyond movie? Sure, the cyberpunk setting is cool, and the show is very beloved by fans. But the real magic here is the story. All the Batman movies so far have been about Bruce Wayne. As they should have been, ‘cause Bruce is The Batman.

But in 2022 we are getting 3 different versions of Bruce Wayne. I’m very excited for The Batman, it looks amazing and fresh. I also love that Michael Keaton is coming back in The Flash. And it’s great that Ben Affleck is getting another chance, because, despite everything, he was a really great Batman.

All of that being said, I think that in between all of these Batmen, it’s going to be nice to see something drastically different, like Batman in a futuristic setting. Batman Beyond offers a story that has been rarely explored.

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