The Best And Worst Things In The Batman

Matt Reeves’s “The Batman” is a welcome return to the grounded, dark world of Gotham City. It’s a world that audiences will love for the realistic narrative and gritty characters. With its sprawling runtime, “The Batman” tells a complex and challenging story.

There are incredible highs detailing the arcs of its various characters and exceptionally well-crafted action scenes. However, in every movie there are those beats that don’t land quite like the director intended. And “The Batman” has a few.

The worst elements of “The Batman” are fortunately rare, while the best moments are almost too many to count. But we’ve poured over the film to find them all. Keep watching to see the best and worst things in “The Batman.”

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Best: Combat | 0:00
Worst: Batman’s armor | 1:16
Best: Horror imagery | 2:22
Worst: The highway pile-up | 3:35
Best: The Penguin | 4:48
Worst: Alfred and Bruce | 5:55
Best: Selina Kyle | 6:44
Worst: The subway cave | 7:39
Best: World-building | 8:19
Worst: Bruce’s careless attitude | 9:21

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