Movie Content Plus Video The Best And Worst Things In 2022’s Scream

The Best And Worst Things In 2022’s Scream

The "Scream" franchise is more or less inseparable from director Wes Craven, the mind behind "The Nightmare on Elm Street" and "The Hills Have Eyes." Craven directed all four of the main "Scream" films and "Scream 4" was Craven’s last film before his untimely death. For many horror fans, the question is whether 2022’s "Scream" reboot/sequel can live up to Craven’s original works. As to the answer, it’s a bit complicated. The movie certainly adds a new meta-perspective to its very existence, but whether that will work for fans of the originals depends. Here are the best and worst things in 2022’s "Scream."

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Worst: Out of place romance | 0:00
Best: Gale and Sidney’s badass team-up | 0:57
Worst: Breaking up Gale and Dewey off-screen | 1:54
Best: Subverting racist horror tropes | 2:43
Worst: The fallen sheriff | 3:41
Best: Replicating Randy’s meta moment | 4:44
Worst: Twisted director’s cut | 5:46
Best: Ghostface’s crispy death | 6:48
Worst: Ghostface goes through puberty | 7:33
Best: Billy Loomis looms on | 8:36
Worst: Setting up the next generation | 9:46
Best: Wes Craven lives on | 10:39

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