Movie Content Plus Video THE BATMAN Review: Did the [SPOILER] Cameo Work? + Ending Analysis

THE BATMAN Review: Did the [SPOILER] Cameo Work? + Ending Analysis

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The Batman is the 16th movie set in Gotham City, and yet it finds a way to make the Caped Crusader feel fresh and new. This Gotham City is a grimy, frightening place, and Matt Reeves’ new film does a brilliant job of creating the kind of hero who can survive in this world. In our discussion with Matt Singer and @Patrick (H) Willems we discuss what we loved about the movie, and break down its very few flaws. (Like the Joker cameo).

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Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Matt Singer (
Patrick H. Willems (
Edited by Ryan Arey, Sean Martin, Srinidhi Rao, and Randolf Nombrado

0:00 The Batman Movie We Need Right Now – Ryan’s Review
5:24 A Bit Too Much Batman Movie – Matt Singer’s Review
16:02 Not Enought Batman Movie – Patrick H Willems’ Review
20:15 Was it Too Long?
27:00 Did the Final Act Work
31:00 The Joker Reveal Was Kind of Bad
35:07 What Other Villains are Next?

Before this movie, I was kind of over Batman movies. It seemed like Warner Brothers only had faith on e of their movie characters, so they just kept going back to the bat-well over and over. I even liked Ben Affleck’s Batman, but he was the Justice League character I was least interested in seeing more of. DC has a rich stable of characters that have never been on the big screen–where’s my Hawkman movie, my Atom movie–heck, where’s my good superman movie? I wanted Warner brothers to emulate marvel studios and create something with a lesser tier character that we knew very little about.

Batman seemed played out, because every version has to have its origin, its cave, its joker. I don’t get me wrong, I love Batman. I’ve got hundreds of comics, seen the animated series countless times, here’s me as a kid with some of my batman stuff and really embarrassing glasses.

So I want you to understand my attitude going into this movie was very clinical. “I’m here to watch Batman for videos.”

But during the movie, Matt Reeves totally flipped my attitude around. I loved this Batman movie, and now I think there are not enough Batman movies.

I think what really set this movie apart was the setting. This Gotham city is an entirely new creation, and its the first Gotham that, to me, felt real. Most of it was filmed on location in cities like Glasgow, Liverpool, Chicago, New York. So this Gotham ends up feeling like an amalgam of the worst elements of all those cities.

It was grimy, nasty, imperfect, lived in–and it reflects what’s happening inside Bruce’s soul. This Gotham’s renewal was stunted by the death of Thomas Wayne–which is also stunted the emotional growth of Bruce. This is a city that time left behind.

Christopher Nolan famously distanced his films from the 90s batman movies by trying to make them feel realistic. He filmed on location in Chicago, and those movies have a more grounded feel. But Nolan is always so precise with everything, the camera movements are always clean, all the visuals hum like clockwork.

In this movie, nothing about Gotham is precise. Matt reeves lets figures by obscured by shadows, by rain, by lights, we can;t ever really tell what’s going on–which adds to the noir detective story he’s telling.

The only part of this movie that does feel like clockwork is the screenplay itself. I loved how every element of the story slotted perfectly into place–just like the Riddler’s plan. We’re making videos about every clue, the symbolism of his riddles, and how all of it reflects what’s happening inside of Bruce at all times.

Because none of this matters if it doesn’t service the emotional story of the main character, Bruce Wayne. As Gotham’s corruption becomes public, the Gothamites have to struggle with the idea that their city was built ona lie. And when Bruce learn about his father’s mob ties, he also has to struggle with the truth about his family.

This Batman is sad, he’s trying to expel all the humanity from himself and just be Batman. He doesn’t emote much–but he doesn;t have to. See, all of Robert Pattinson’s bat-forebeares have done some heavy lifting for him. We know the origin, we know the pain, we know he trained and built gadgets–so his performance can focus on the story that’s in the here and now. We don;t need to see his family die in the alley–because we can see that pain written across his face.

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