THE BATMAN Breakdown: Every EASTER EGG and Hidden Reference You Missed + [SPOILER] Cameo Explained

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The Batman brings us into the grimiest, ugliest Gotham City that we’ve ever seen on screen–and we love it. The movie is packed with Easter Eggs and References to some of the greatest Batman stories of all time: The Long Halloween, Year One, The Court of Owls, Earth One, Year Zero, Dark Knight Returns, and many more.

There are also nods to past Batman movies like the Dark Knight and Joker–as well as great cinema–such as Chinatown, Zodiac, Se7en, the Maltese Falcon, the French Connection, and many more.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Srinidhi Rao

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0:00 Easter Eggs Part 1
5:30 Joker Gang Explained
6:50 New Batsuit Details You Missed
7:30 Easter Eggs Part 2
9:09 New Batcave and Joker Easter Eggs
10:30 Easter Eggs Part 3, Catwoman
13:28 The Deepest Cut Easter Eggs
15:40 Easter Eggs Part 4
17:34 New Batmobile Explained
18:08 Arkham Family History
19:03 Easter Eggs Part 5
20:40 David Fincher’s Influence on the Batman
21:23 Easter Eggs Part 6
22:22 Does the Riddler KNow The Secret Identity?
23:07 Clues About the Final Twist
24:00 Ending Explained
24:50 Joker Teaser Explained
25:35 Easter Eggs Part 7

The movie begins from the Riddler’s POV as he watches the family of Mayor Mitchell. Because this movie begins on Halloween,w e saw a parallel with the movie Halloween–which begins with a POV shot from the villain.

Also, we pointed this out in our ending explained video, but this is one of many parallels between Batman and the Riddler. Later in the movie, Bruce watches Selina with binoculars, which we also see from the first person point of view.

Later Riddler talks about how wearing a mask defined his identity, and that Batman helped him realize who he really is. We’ve seen this trope with Batman villains, a lot.

Mayor Mitchell’s son is dressed as a ninja for Halloween. Ninjas are silent assassins, and the riddler sneaks into their penthouse to kill Mitchell like a ninja.

So Mitchel’’s study is decorated with newspaper headlines about the Maroni drug bust–which we later learn was set up by Falcone to remove one of his competitors. In the comics, Sal Maroni was the mobster who splashed acid on Harvey Dent, turning him into Two-Face. And Maroni was also in the dark Knight.

There is another bit of a headline that reads sea wall construction halted. So if any of you were wondering how the riddler’s bombs were able to break the wall so easily, now you know. The infrastructure money to reinforce the wall was likely routed back into the pockets of Falcone and his minions.

So the mayor is on the phone in this scene. Looking back, he;s probably talking to Falcone. He mentions taht eh thought he’d be doing better in the pools, after they had the gotham post run positive stories about him–like the headlines in his sturdy. This shows that the corruption also infiltrated the press.

This systemic corruption is influenced by the noir detective film Chinatown, where a corrupt business interest siphons off the water of Los Angeles’s for his own financial gain. By the way we made up the easter egg about the legends of superheroes. There are other chinatown allusions I’ll talk about a little later.

Because the mayor is the face of all this corruption, the riddler covers up his face, so the city can begin to hear the truth.

So….did you jump when the riddler first appeared? I did. Reminded me of this moment when a stranger calls back.

In fact, Batman and Riddler make their first appearances in the same way. By emerging from darkness into lightExcept Batman enters from the darkness, moving into the light. And the riddler stays in the darkness until light shines on him. Just like he is shining a light on the corruption of Gotham city.

In fact, the riddler’s whole goal was for Batman to bring Falcone into the light–which is foreshadowed by his very first appearance in the movie.

This version of the riddler is heavily influenced by the comic batman earth one. In tha omic, the riddler is more of a mad bomber, who leaves clues for Batman to follow his trail.

In fact, this movie adapts many aspects of that story. It follows a year one batman in a very grounded, realistic universe. I think he even trips over his cape at one point.

Another comic that this story borrows form is the great Long Halloween, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

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