The BATMAN 2: Why MR. FREEZE is the Perfect Villain for the Sequel

The Batman follows a year 2 Bruce Wayne as he fights crime in a grimy, realistic setting. So it’s interesting that director Matt reeves mentioned Mister Freeze as a possible villain in the sequel. Made famous form Batman: The Animated series and Batman & Robin, Victor Freeze’s story shares many parallels to Bruce Wayne’s–but he is also a sci-fi villain whose body is frozen in a perpetual state of cold.

IN this video, we explain how we think a realistic Victor Freeze could work in this grounded universe–and why he should be played by Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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In a recent interview, Matt Reeves revealed that he will be interested in doing a grounded version of Mister Freeze for The Batman sequel. Reeves didn’t outright confirm Freeze as the villain, and with the Joker reveal, it’s more likely that he will be the villain in the next Batman movie.

But Victor Freeze will be a great villain in a sequel, he’s such a sympathetic character. And I’m really interested in seeing Reeve’s grounded take.

But can Mr Freeze even work in this realistic world? Victor is a man who can’t survive outside of a sub-zero temperature. He has a futuristic suit. He uses a freeze gun that… well freezes people. His wife is frozen in a cryo chamber. All of this is very unlikely to work in the Batman’s grounded world.

Well I spent the last few days trying to solve this puzzle, and find a way to make Mr Freeze work in a realistic world. And I think I found the solution. So Matt Reeves, I hope you are watching this, because I got a realistic Mr Freeze for you!

First thing first, we got to talk about why Mr Freeze is such a great villain.
The story that made Mr Freeze into such an iconic and beloved character is “Heart of Ice”, the award winning episode from the Batman animated series. This episode established Freeze’s origins story, and influenced every story going forward… yeah this one too…. (Batman & Robin).

And that tragic backstory is the reason why Mr Freeze is so sympathetic. And one of the most unique characters among Batman’s extraordinary rouge’s gallery.

The story of Mr Freeze is heartbreaking, he’s one of the most tragic characters Batman has ever faced.

Mr Freeze was once Dr Victor Fries, a genius scientist who was married to Nora. Nora was terminally ill, and Victor did all he could to find a cure. To save Nora’s life, Victor was forced to cryogenically freeze her.

To achieve his experiments, Victor used his company’s funds without his boss’s approval. When Ferris Boyle, the head of GothCorp, discovers this, they get into a fight. Because of Boyle, Victor suffers a terrible accident that causes his transformation. Victor can no longer survive outside of a sub-zero environment. But more importantly, Nora dies.

As Victor becomes Mr Freeze, he’s obsessed with revenge against Ferris Boyle. And to achieve his vengeance, he turns to a life of crime. His condition and losing his wife, turned him into a cold person lacking any emotions. However, Freeze isn’t entirely apathetic.
This is how Mr Freeze ends up clashing with Batman.

That’s why Freeze is so compelling. His wife is killed right in front of him. Ferris Boyle’s actions made him into a frozen monster. Freeze’s need for retribution is justifiable.
Eventually, it will be revealed that Nora didn’t die, and she’s still cryogenically frozen. This reveal made Freeze into even more sympathetic, since his motivations evolved from simple cold-blooded revenge to saving his wife.

Many of Batman’s villains have tragic pasts that made them the way they are. But Mister Freeze is a stand out, it’s impossible not to feel for him. He does bad things but it’s all for his wife, all to save her life. His motivations and need for vengeance resonate with us.
And that need for vengeance and justice is a parrel to Batman. Both of them witneseed their loved ones murdered. That event transformed them forever, putting them on an endless path for vengeance.

In the Batman, Bruce reveals to Alfred that his one true fear is losing the people he loves. He’s afraid of ever experiencing that pain again.

And this is why Freeze can work so well in a sequel, because Batman understands what Freeze is going through, why he does what he does. It makes their conflict so much more personal.

0:00 Matt Reeves Sequel Plans
0:43 Mister Freeze Origin Explained
4:23 How Freeze Could Work in the Batman 2
6:23 Heisenberg, But in Gotham City
9:22 Freeze’s New Suit
10:47 Perfect Mirror to Batman

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