The Amazing Spider-Man: Behind The Scenes Secrets


Spiderman No Way Home is weeks away and there’s no better time to catch up on Spidey trivia! Let’s take a look back at Spiderman Reboots past with behind the scenes secrets of The Amazing Spiderman.

You’d think Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield would be paid handsomely for their starring roles in the Spiderman films, but actually, its a lot lower than you’d think. And a LOT lower than what Tobey Maguire got for his three outings as Peter Parker.

And for those of us who remember 2012, it was a time of vehement arguing about which was better, organic web shooters or mechanical, as The Amazing Spiderman was the first Spiderman movie to opt for mechanical. Which shut down all the debates about how Spiderman could eat enough to make that much web.

Peter Parker and his romantic counterparts in the movies are no slouch when it comes to romance, so it makes sense that sparks would fly off set, too, with all three Peter Parkers dating their respective Gwen or Mary Jane. And did you know that The Amazing Spiderman 2 was the first Spiderman movie to be filmed entirely in New York state, even though Spiderman is famously set in the big apple?

Director David Webb was gunning for a Sinister Six sequel, until disappointing box office numbers put an end to that. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of Easter Eggs teasing the movie that would never be. And luckily, our MCU Spiderman movie, No Way Home looks primed to bring back multiple villains, a multiverse and Benedict Cumberbatch, so The Sinister Six might not be far off.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – The Paycheck
1:32 – Why No MJ?
2:07 – Organic Web Shooters or Mechanical?
3:11 – Real Life Romance
4:31 – Shot in New York
5:11 – Gwen Stacey Easter Eggs
5:59 – The Sinister Six
7:04 – Venom Easter Eggs and More
8:32 – Dean Dehaan’s Weight Loss
9:10 – Money Money Money

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