Taissa Farmiga Interview: A Nudge from Vera Farmiga to American Horror Story, Gilded Age and More

I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with Taissa Farmiga quite a bit over the years for interviews, but a Collider Ladies Night conversation is different. Farmiga’s had a one-of-a-kind journey in this industry and during our 40-minute chat, we covered as much of it as possible leading up to her latest project, the HBO series, The Gilded Age. 

From Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, The Gilded Age kicks off in the United States in 1882, a time that involved a significant conflict between old money and new ways of amassing enormous fortunes. In the Upper East Side of New York City, the former group includes the Van Rhijn household, led by Christine Baranski’s Agnes van Rhijn. Agnes holds tight to the past and keeps an eye out for newcomers who don’t belong, like her new neighbors the Russells.

That’s where we meet Farmiga’s character, Gladys Russell. She’s the teenage daughter of George (Morgan Spector) and Bertha (Carrie Coon). At this point, Gladys should have made her society debut, but Bertha refuses to let Gladys out of lockdown until she can fill her massive ballroom for the occasion. Trouble is, given that the Russells are new to the area, Bertha is finding it rather difficult to earn a place in the local elite social circle.

During our Collider Ladies Night chat, we discussed when her sister, Vera Farmiga, encouraged her to join the cast of her directorial debut, Higher Ground, what it was like joining the ensemble of American Horror Story, how she scored her role in The Gilded Age and so much more!

Listen to the uncut version of this interview here: https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/collider-ladies-night

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00:00 Dicey Questions
02:22 Gilded Age + Zombie Outbreak
04:32 Discovering Her Passion for Acting
06:48 American Horror Story
08:14 Quibi’s Demise
09:47 The Gilded Age
13:42 Carrie Coon
14:29 Taissa’s Biggest Fear

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