Movie Content Plus Video Superheroes We’ve Lost In 2021 So Far

Superheroes We’ve Lost In 2021 So Far

Death is really more of a long vacation than a permanent state for most superheroes. Give even the most decidedly deceased hero a few years and they’ll pop back, either resurrected or with the surprising information that their death was actually an illusion or a cloned body or a robot or a twin that they never mentioned before. That revolving door of the afterlife means that superhero-ing can be a pretty deadly gig, and 2021 was as fatal a year as any. From the ill-fated members of the aptly-named Suicide Squad to comic book double-crosses, these are the superheroes we’ve lost in 2021 so far.

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The Hex Vision | 0:00
Yalan Gur | 1:29
Battlestar | 2:32
The original Guardians of the Globe | 3:54
Classic Loki | 5:01
Captain Boomerang | 6:03
Rick Flag | 6:51
Polka-Dot Man | 7:53
The Quintessence | 8:51
Most of the Green Lantern Corps | 9:47
Hawk | 10:51
Zombified Avengers of another Earth | 11:52
Ursa Major | 13:02
Mary Brighton | 14:03

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