Strongest Characters That Will Appear In Secret Wars Ranked

Oh boy nothing like having your mid credit cameo say one little incursion buzzword to get the nerds sweating. With more and more hints of secret wars coming to the big screen the theories are coming fast and furious. And yes I’m suggesting Dom Toretto and his family will fight the Fantastic Four. Secret Wars was the name of a few different comic events, but two worlds colliding, also known as an incursion, was the setting for the 2015 event written by Jonathan Hickman. The MCU adaptation could bring about important players from any Secret Wars event, but let’s take a look at the strongest heroes and villains in play right now.

In Jonathan Hickman‘s secret wars event, Victor Von Doom not only plays a pivotal role, but he actually becomes one of the most powerful people in the world. If you put Thanos on your team it’s very likely that sooner rather than later he will try and take over. Apocalypse was the first mutant and one of the strongest villains any marvel hero has ever faced. Galactus is one of the most well-known marvel villains, mostly because it’s really hard to forget a giant man who can eat planets like their pizza balls. Which characters do you think will appear in an MCU Secret Wars event? And which do you think will prove to be the strongest? Be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe. Tell us your answer, otherwise we may ask Black Bolt to ask you for us.


0:00 Intro
0:37 The Beyonder
1:22 Dr. Doom
2:08 Galactus
3:00 Thanos and the Cabal
3:53 Apocalypse 5
4:33 The Thor Corps
5:21 Kang
5:58 Black Bolt
6:36 Doctor Strange
7:17 Magneto
7:53 The X-Men
8:34 Captain Marvel
9:20 Hulk and She Hulk
9:55 Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic 4
10:32 Spider-Man
11:17 Black Panther
11:51 Namor
12:30 Guardians of the Galaxy
13:10 Spectrum
13:49 The Future Foundation
14:41 Outro

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