Movie Content Plus Video Strangers To Peace – Official Trailer (2023)

Strangers To Peace – Official Trailer (2023)

Three former child soldiers face retribution, anxiety, and danger as they attempt to rebuild their lives after leaving the FARC guerrilla army and the bloody Colombian conflict. Strangers to Peace intimately captures the personal stories of Dayana, the market vendor navigating her new identity as a trans woman; Ricardo, the young father secretly clinging to his communist ideology; and Alexandra, the indigenous child soldier, who was forced to leave her family behind in the Amazon. Their stories are told through the lens of filmmaker Laura Àngel, who herself was a victim of FARC violence.

The Strangers to Peace documentary is written by Laura Angel Rengifo, Noah DeBonis, Matthew Cohn, Ricardo Acosta, and Colleen O’Brien. It is produced by Laura Angel, Noah DeBonis, and Colleen O’Brien, and co-produced by Margaret Cardillo and Rajiv Smith-Mahabir. Noah DeBonis and David Laffey serve as executive producers.

Strangers to Peace, directed by Laura Angel Rengifo and Noah DeBonis, is available now on VOD.

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