Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Images Released by Netflix

Stranger Things Season 4 returned to Netflix late last month and has since taken the world by storm once more. The sci-fi adventure series originally hit the streamer in 2016 and has remained one of their most successful titles. With the latest installment being the biggest season yet, Netflix and The Duffer Brothers made the decision to split the season into two volumes in order to reunite fans with their favorite adventuring party a little sooner. The first volume was an action-packed roller coaster that kept fans on the edge of their seats for well over seven hours — breaking records as Netflix’s most-streamed weekend premiere.

Volume 1 of the new season, which fans have been waiting three very long years to see, did not disappoint. With epic action sequences, backstory reveals, touching character moments, and a wealth of exciting story development, the penultimate season of Stranger Things has been well worth the wait so far. The final two episodes are set to hit the streamer on July 1 and ahead of Stranger Things day during Netflix’s Geeked Week extravaganza, the streamer has released some cast teaser images for Volume 2.

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