Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2: 15 Things You Missed


Even though there seems to be differing opinions on the quality of volume 2, We’re sure you would all agree that Stranger Things 4 Part 2 was a blast to get through! but we wouldn’t blame you if you were so entrenched in the story that you missed a few details, easter eggs, or the occasional 80s reference that stranger things is known from here and there. In this video we cover 15 things you might’ve missed in the exciting season finale episodes, from details that may have been more obvious but need a bit of clarification, to more subtle references that only film buffs or super attentive audience members caught onto. Rather you caught one or many details, we hope you find out something new from this video that accentuates the wild ride that season 4 took us on! Join Patrice Scott in exploring and detailing all that volume 2 had to offer!


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Worst Dad Ever
1:08 – Hawkins Cross
2:20 – Stephen King
3:39 – Molly Ringwald
4:22 – Micheal Myers
4:58 – Another Halloween Reference
5:30 – Alien Resurrection
5:57 – Real History
6:19 – Small Details
6:47 – Movie Quotes
7:24 – Dr Owens is Still Locked up
7:58 – Dirty Dozen Reference
8:29 – Sword of Kas
8:56 – Will’s Feelings
9:37 – Jasons Fate Foreshadowed

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