STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Ending Theories | The Hidden Twist Explained And Season 5 Predictions

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Ending Theories | The Hidden Twist Explained And Season 5 Predictions. We explain Stranger Things 4 Volume Two and talk about how Vecna could still be alive inside of Max. We also give predictions, theories and everything we think will happen in Stranger Things 5

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Ok so Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 takes things to the Max with a big ending that sees several characters dying. This includes Dr. Brenner, Eddie and Max who we dies during the battle with Vecna. Now though she’s brought back, Max is left a little worse for wear and come the conclusion she’s in a non responsive coma.

The finale sees Max using herself as bait in order to draw Vecna out so that Steve, Nancy and Maya can go to his body and burn him alive whilst he’s distracted.

This works as well with them getting the drop on him whilst he’s fighting Eleven and Max. Unfortunately though he gets most of the way through his ritualistic murder and he not only blinds Max but he also breaks several of her bones, killing her in the process.

Eleven reaches out to her mind and she manages to revive her but it is possible that she should’ve let her sadie sink, ey into the void.

Using their good memories she pulls her back from the brink but she may be harbouring something much worse in Vecna.

Now throughout this video we’re gonna be going through our theories on what’s going on with her, how Vecna may be alive and a lot more. If you have your own theories then make sure you leave them below and also don’t forget to subscribe for videos like this every day.

With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into our big Stranger Things 4.

Now the final fifteen minutes of Volume 2 has Eleven not only visiting Max in the hospital but she also attempts to reach out to her through the void. We find Max in a non-responsive coma and thus El tries to get through to her on the psychic plane to see if she can pull her back that way.

However this is completely devoid of any life or signs that Max is there and this could be because she’s technically brain dead.

This is reflected in what Lucas says too.

Clinically she died and came back but her consciouness didn’t. Because of this she’s now an empty vessel and it is possible that Vecna also now exists in her mind, using her as a way to continue living. In the Season Finale he ended up falling out of the Kreel house on fire but when Steve and the gang went to check to see if his body was there he’d got out of it like Nancy did her relationship when sexy Steve smiled at her.


Though his was destroyed in the physical sense, Will confirms that he’s still out there and we see this reflected in the environment. Not only is the doorway to hell starting to bleed the upside down into Hawkins but there also exists a black cloud off in the distance that slightly resembles the Mind Flayer.

As a child, young Henry Creel used to be fascinated with Spiders and he drew the shape that would go on to terrorise Hawkins. This was clearly how he viewed himself as being and upon going to the Upside down and coming across the shadow particles he said the following.

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