STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Ending Explained | Volume 2 Review, Breakdown And ST 5 Predictions

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Ending Explained | Volume 2 Review, Breakdown And ST 5 Predictions. We review, recap and explain Stranger Things 4 Volume Twpo. We also give predictions, theories and everything we think will happen in Stranger Things 5

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Ok so Netflix have just dropped the second volume of Stranger Things Season 4. Our Ending Explained is now here for the full season and throughout this video we’re gonna be going through the plot, final few scenes and we’ll also be giving our thoughts on the finale.

It’s time to Vecna-self before you wreck yourself one last time so let’s turn it up to Eleven and get into this mammoth of a finale that turns the entire show upside down.

Full spoilers from here on out and with that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into Stranger Things Season 4.

Ok so we last left a lot our characters at pivotal moments in show. Joyce had managed to make it out to Hopper out in Russia, Eleven’s trip through Nina uncovered a big secret about Number One and elsewhere Nancy got stuck in his domain as she learned the truth about him.

Now we start off exactly where the last episode left off and huge shoutouts to Katy Leigh for pointing out that during the face off between Vecna and Eleven that the rainbow actually flipped upside down when it went to him. This traumatic moment in her life being recalled also brought back her powers which are now arguably stronger than ever, matching how Vecna has grown as well.

This fued continues throughout the two episodes with Vecna actually letting Nancy and freeing her instead of the music box being used like we theorised.

Speaking of being freed we cut to Hopper and Co who discover a lab attached to the prison that contains the elements of Mindflayer particles called The Shadow.

Rather than fleeing back to the US though, Hopper and the Gang decide to stay behind in Russia to destroy the Upside Down monsters that exist in the prison. Come the end of the Season Hopper makes it back to Hawkins and this is the true father and daughter relationship that Brenner and El’s was only a shadow of. Love being empowering is very much a theme throughout this season and therefore I think that now Hop it’ll empower Eleven beyond what she already has. She says goodbye to one father figure in this entry and therefore I think Hops more positive influence on her will be crucial to defeat The Mindflayer next time.

Now we discover that Vecna and The Mindflayer connected with one another in the Upside Down when he was sent there by Eleven. Together the pair schemed of a way to take over the rightside up and this involved unleashing the dark dimension on our world through Hawkins.

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