Movie Content Plus Video Stranger Things 4: Episode 7 and 9 Will Be Feature-Length

Stranger Things 4: Episode 7 and 9 Will Be Feature-Length

We’re less than two weeks out from the premiere of Stranger Things Season 4, with the long-awaited return of the hit Netflix show finally set to drop on Friday, May 27. The upcoming fourth season, which will be split into two parts, or volumes (the second of which will be released on July 1), takes place after the Battle at Starcourt Mall, which resulted in a fracturing within our main Hawkins crew. Six months later, Season 4 picks up where the story left off, as those friends left behind try to navigate the hellish hallways of high school. But that’s not the only threat in store — because a new evil is lurking in Hawkins, one that arrives in tandem with a new mystery that, if solved, could finally eliminate the threat of the Upside Down once and for all.

It’s no wonder, then, that Season 4 of Stranger Things is bigger than ever — not just budget-wise, with Netflix purportedly shelling out $30 million per episode, but length-wise too. The other day our own Steven Weintraub spoke with the series creators Ross and Matt Duffer, and the two revealed that Episodes 7 and 9 (the latter being the season finale) are going to be on par with the length of a feature film, which, in part, explains why it took so long for this season to finally become a reality.

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