Stranger Things 4 Announces Directors for New Season

There has been so much anticipation for the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things. While Netflix has been teasing us for months with various short trailers and stylish posters, fans have been eagerly waiting for the first full-length trailer. Now, along with this new trailer, the streamer also announced who directed and wrote each of the nine episodes.

On the director’s side of things, The Duffer Brothers will be directing episodes 401, 402, 407, 408, and 409, which they also wrote. This should come as no surprise as they created this iconic horror series. Over the first three seasons, the pair have directed 14 out of 25 episodes and have written 11 of those episodes. In addition, Shawn Levy will also return to the director’s chair this season. Levy directed episodes 403 and 404. Like The Duffer Brothers, this should come as no surprise as the Stranger Things producer has directed six episodes of the series so far. In between Stranger Things seasons Levy has had some time away from the series directing other high-profile projects. His recent two action-comedy features Free Guy and The Adam Project were major hits. Levy has already been a great director for this series, but he will definitely have some new tricks up his sleeve given the added experience he has gained from those two films.

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