Station Eleven Ending: Mackenzie Davis Reveals Original Version of THAT Scene

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for the Station Eleven finale.]

It finally happened. After about two decades apart, Kirsten (Matilda Lawler and Mackenzie Davis) and Jeevan (Himesh Patel) finally reunite in the Station Eleven finale.

At the end of Episode 9, “Dr. Chaudhary,” we come to learn that Jeevan returned to the cabin one last time to confirm Kirsten wasn’t there. After that, he moves on and in year 20, he lives by a lake with Lara (Tattiawna Jones) and their children. Taking a cue from his experience with Terry/Deborah (Tara Nicodemo) at the birthing center, Jeevan now works as a doctor and at the end of Episode 10, he’s off to make a house call. That house call is for the Museum of Civilization — where Kirsten is.

I don’t know about you, but the second Jeevan walked into that airport, I couldn’t help but wonder when it was going to happen. Yes, it was most important for Jeevan to tend to Clark (David Wilmot) and Sarah (Lori Petty), but once that’s done, it felt as though it could happen at any moment. Randomly passing one another in the building was an option, but it seemed as though the performance would have been a prime spot for the first stage of their reunion. Perhaps Kirsten catches a glimpse of Jeevan in the crowd. But that sequence was rightly focused on other characters. 

But then the moment comes with about 10 minutes left in the series. During a post-play reception, Kirsten and Jeevan finally spot each other. The reunion is an achingly beautiful two-minute scene with zero dialogue that ends in one of the most cathartic on-screen embraces I’ve ever seen.

We were lucky enough to have Mackenzie Davis on an episode of Collider Ladies Night back in December for Station Eleven’s premiere, but we saved a little bit of that conversation to share with you for the finale — and it focused on that reunion.

Check out what she said in this Collider Ladies Night After Hours clip!

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